Sunday, October 1st, 2023

Online Casino Games: Link between Year 2007: Part Two

But the sites which still accept players from the USA have, certainly, shown nowbet. Thus, on the very eve of the New Year ’08 PokerStars announced about achievement of 175 000 poker players simultaneously, but still these growth rates are not more than 50 percent each year.

Oddly enough, the slowdown of internet poker room players was also very noticeable in the real world. For the first time over many years at the main WSOP competition there were fewer players than the previous year, as of this, approximately 20 percent less. Earlier a large number of players were presented by internet poker rooms, but lessing of the number of American players online, as well as tougher rules concerning the advertising of internet poker rooms at the competition resulted in the rooms being passive in involvement of players for WSOP.

If everything is bad in america, than in Europe the situation is unclear. On the one hand, the EUROPEAN did not allow the Italians, trying to ban online casino games, to do it. A new law in great britain not only legalizes online wagering as well as allows advertising online casinos, however, the company should be licensed in the EUROPEAN. In connection with this, Malta, which is among the most middle of online companies in Europe, has a windfall and will manage to earn quite some money. On the other hand, Germany passed a law at New Year’s Eve which banned online casino games and their advertising, though, everybody considers that the EUROPEAN will make the German repeal regulations in question. For quite a while there are rumours in the air that Norway will ban online casino games, Turkey, though it is not quite a Eu country but it in addition has enforced a ban.

As for internet poker, there was a rift within internet poker rooms awaiting for its resolution. For the first time fraud in an internet poker room was proved and accepted (to become more exact, not the room itself, but of one of its senior managers). Absolute Poker opened up that one of the administrators gained access to the players’ cards (he knew all the pocket cards, but not the cards which drop out at the flop/turn/river). He shared this information together with his partner who was able to win a big competition. To prove everything was possible due to a simply mistake in sending of the history which was received by another participant of the disastrous competition. Absolute Poker made an investigation, guaranteed to refund losses to any or all those who suffered and toughen the security system. Though, Absolute Poker cheating scandal has caused damage not only for a poker-room, as well as the industry as one, however, this blow is not toxic.

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