Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Craps Dice Control


Craps, compared to most casino games is relatively fair to it’s smarter players. Just by sticking with the reliable pass line bet with odds players can turn the houses edge down to a mere. 61%, or in certain casinos even. 02%. With such a small margin separating you and the casino, even the smallest difference you can make as a player will give you the edge (something every casino player is looking to do).Dice Tray

The odds of any given bet are built upon the idea that a roll of the dice is random, which for all intents and purposes is true for most people. However if you can’t change the rules of the bets, the only way to maximize your odds is to take the randomness out of the game. If all of a sudden you know that 75% of the time you can successfully roll any given number, the statistical model that applies to you is far more favorable than the model the casinos built their games around.

To control the roll of a pair of dice you must do a few things universally, and then there are some options you get. The biggest choice you get to make, as far as technique goes, is what type of grip to use. Literally any comfortable grip will do, but there are some standard grips used by professional dice players. The two main criteria other than comfort that dictate how well a dice grip will work are how the dice are in contact, and the other is the distribution of finger pressure. The first is easy, the dice need to be firmly pressed against each other the whole way through the toss. The finger pressure however is somewhat difficult for new players to get a feel for. You need to make sure that no matter how many finger are in contact with the dice, you’ve got even pressure on each individual finger. This might be tough to detect at first but with time it will become very easy to notice.

The rest of the steps involved in dice control apply to every player universally. First of all you need to make sure your throw is totally perpendicular, so the dice hit the wall at a 90 degree angle and react equally. Then, while the dice are traveling through the air their faces must be in contact completely (known as kissing). Just as you release you want to apply just the right amount of backspin so they don’t get sent spinning off the far wall. For a more complete explanation of the actual techniques involved check out this guide on dice control.

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